Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indy WOW- New Blood

Had a chance to go to the Indy World of Wheels. I would say that this year was better than years past. Road Rockets 1962 Autorama was great as usual. I really dug the '30 Ford 5-window by Jo Kerr. I didn't have a chance to meet Jo and ask him. But it appeared that there quite a few one-off custom cast parts. Very cool.
Check it out.

Update- Travis' Pan

Been busy working on the final mock-up for Travis' Pan. It's been going pretty well, only few issues. We had to fab up a custom clutch lever, modify foward controls and other odds and ends. After some discussion, we decided not to tackle the paint. Travis had hooked up with "Chicago Chris" on the Jockey Journal. After checking out his blog and talking price. Travis has decided to let Chris do the paint. Check out pics from Chris' blog.