Friday, June 5, 2009

Obsession- The Van Doren Rubber Company

I love Vans.
I remember buying my first pair back in the 80's. A custom made pair of hi-tops. Green suede with blue and white stripes. That's what happens when you give a 15 year old that many choices. He thinks he has to pick the most outlandish combination.
I tried to do the mainstream thing for a while, basketball shoes or the newest running shoes. I just never felt quite right. Then I visit a skate shop to reminisce about the old days. There on the shoe rack I see a brand new pair of "Old Skool" Vans. Black with a white stripe. Sweet! That was back in '97. I have went through countless pairs of black "Old Skool" Vans since then. Hell, I was keeping the old pairs lying around in the garage for sometime. Just couldn't bare to throw them away. Since then I have branched out to other colors and other styles. My wife just bought me a pair of the "Suicidal Tendencies" Vans for our anniversary. Thanks honey.
I just don't collect them, I wear them everyday. They are just me. I'll admit they are not the best shoe for working in the shop. Most definitely not the safest. But nothing else feels right.
Did I tell you that I love Vans?