Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travis' new tank

Jim picked up his tank and fairing yesterday. I was glad to see that he liked it. I try to do my best and it takes me a little longer than it should. I definitely have gained a new respect for the pinstripers that do a job at a car show. On the spot and in front of everybody. Wow!

As promised, I started on Travis' tank. I had hoped to fabricate the tank from scratch. But after banging out the first piece, I just wasn't satisfied with it. I have a couple of old "Mustang" tanks lying around. So the idea struck me to narrow one of those. I have always dug on the choppers from the '70s. Narrow forks, narrow bars and narrow tanks. They look fast sitting still.

Travis actually stopped by after I finished welding the two halves together. He commented on how small the tank was and how it wouldn't hold much gas. That's when I informed him that the tank was for his bike. Not sure he took me seriously. I'll finish it, mount it on his bike and then see if he really likes it or not.

Until then, see ya later.

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