Saturday, August 25, 2012

Travis' Pan in V-Twin Magazine

Travis and I took his Pan to the Louisville Easyrider show like two years ago. We weren't there but an hour when someone approached the bike.  That someone was Michael Lichter.  He liked the bike and took more than a few pictures. We were stoked to the say the least. To add to the excitement, Michael asked the Reverend Billy Gibbons to pose with the bike.  We got to meet Billy and he loved the bike. To cap it off, the bike won the Limpnickie Lot Pick of the Show.  I have always been a big fan of Jeff Cochran/ SpeedKing and Paul Wideman/ Bare Knuckle Choppers, so it was cool that they were digging the Pan.
Growing up reading Easyrider, Biker, V-Twin and In The Wind, the featured bikes and culture that laid out in those pages was a huge inspiration. We were hopeful that it would make the magazine, but after so much time, we had given up.  Finally a phone call from Easyrider and they told Travis it would be in the September issue.  The September issue of Easyrider comes out and no Pan.  Travis finds out that they decided to run it in the September issue of V-Twin. Still cool.   Check it out.

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